The Digital Outdoors Industry Tracker

The Digital Outdoors Industry Tracker

Resonant Launches Monthly Monitoring of the Online Outdoor Equipment Market

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In an industry that’s relatively small and fragmented, we all know how hard it is to access market-wide statistics. Despite the best efforts of a few people and organisations to share data for physical stores, there’s still limited information available. When it comes to the online world, the sector is even more poorly served, with few people looking beyond their own data and their competitors websites and search results.

To provide some useful industry information regarding online performance over time, Resonant will be publishing headline data from its DCrux database every month, starting now!

The initial datasets will include the Retailer Search Visibility Index below (a brand owner one may follow) and a Website Audit Index for both key Retailers and key Brand Owners.

Outdoors Retailers Google Visibility

If you’ve not read my previous articles that refer to the importance of ‘search visibility’ over things like average search rankings, the chart above shows the visibility in Google UK for the top 50 organic search terms driving traffic for each website i.e. the specific terms that are most important to that retailer website. A score of 100 would require top ranking for all 50 search terms. The data shown above is for the 1st of each month (DCrux actually captures this data at least every 3 days).

Obviously, 2 data points don’t tell a complete story, so you’ll have to wait a month or two to see whether Go Outdoors are really in decline and Blacks are in the ascendancy.

If you have any question about the data, please get in touch.