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What Does a Digital Business Consultancy Do?

hiking gear image for article on digital business consultancy

hiking gear image for article on digital business consultancy

The digital industry, especially when it comes to online sales and marketing, is only about 20 years old and is constantly developing and transforming. It’s no surprise then that it’s difficult for those outside the specialist digital sector to understand where each provider fits in and, more importantly, how to create a really powerful and sustainable digital ecosystem - one that often has to complement existing ‘analogue’ sales and marketing channels.

With a background in board-level consulting and digital business, Andy’s objective is to both challenge the status quo and optimise the various internal and external resources for success. In practical terms, this means working to improve the knowledge of the operational teams and the performance of the assets they look after, whether that’s websites, product merchandising, social properties, online advertising, third-party markets SEO or information systems.

Probably the most straightforward way to understand where Resonant adds value is to compare the development of a brand or retail ecommerce site with the development of a physical product range. In the latter, product developers are the recipients of detailed briefs and information usually based on needs or competitive requirements. There will then be an iterative process to achieve the end—result, involving many players and, not least, the factory. After this, a significant sales and marketing process takes place to ensure the continued success of the product range (trade and consumer propositions, pricing, channels, etc.).

Whilst the companies that are 'digital natives’ will apply these same processes to the delivery and evolution of a digital asset such as a website, it’s not the norm for most businesses. In many cases, the product developers (often a web agency) will define much of the final ‘product’, with internal marketing teams often focusing mostly on visuals and copy, whilst the subsequent sales and marketing efforts are often misaligned and sub-optimal.

This creates the odd scenario in the outdoors equipment industry (like many specialist product sectors) where many of the the most recognisable product brands and physical retailers are typically not in similar leadership positions within the digital realm.

In a nutshell, what Resonant does is to bring the same rigour and insights to a company’s digital efforts that they would apply to a new product range or, for physical retailers, to differentiating their offering. That happens by establishing clear objectives and criteria for success and then ensuring that the plans are appropriate and than the right people are in place and doing the right things.

Building and maintaining powerful online properties requires multiple skillsets that don’t normally exist within a single supplier or internally. My job is to ensure that a client knows what’s required and can have confidence that they’ll achieve their objectives. If you’d like to understand more about Resonant’s approach to digital effectiveness, please get in touch.

Resonant member of Outdoors Industry Association

Resonant member of Outdoors Industry Association

Andrew Atkins