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Ecommerce platforms, user experience, online marketing, cybersecurity..... get unbiased expertise in these and more, within the same strategic approach and a process that's delivered Client success for nearly 10 years.


Some things in life aren't predicable.

In early 2018, my obsessions with the outdoors, photography and digital business collided with a series of encounters with people from the outdoors sector and changed Resonant’s focus. The result, to the dismay of some past clients and the delight of others, is that Resonant is now essentially a specialist digital consultancy for the outdoors sector.


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Andy now works principally with outdoors brands and retailers that are hungry to improve their digital performance and to be successful, whether digital is their main channel to market or a new development. They're always businesses led by demanding and engaged people who want to achieve success in the right way.

In many scenarios, Resonant's expertise is required to lead the project; in others, it's used to coordinate multiple providers on behalf of the client. That requires digital consultancy that's flexible, insightful and results-focused. Happily, many of Resonant's clients from the early years became bigger and better clients, so something must be working.

Resonant is really only interested in two goals - improving clients' performance and reducing their risk - achieved through leveraging all the elements of online success.

As an experienced strategist and implementer, there are two measures applied by Andy in judging his effectiveness:

Firstly, making sure that the business and its leaders have a clear vision of what they're trying to achieve and are putting the necessary processes and resources in place, including those in less obvious functions like finance and operations.

Secondly, simply measuring the impact of Resonant’s work against the desired outcomes.




Forget geeks in dark rooms, commercial naivety or code, Resonant's focus is fast, secure, uncluttered websites that drive conversions for retailers or engagement for brand owners.
Typical projects include:

  • Working with senior management to define detailed ecommerce requirements, objectives and critical success factors.

  • Evaluating a company's ecommerce operations and identifying opportunities and performance improvements.

  • Project-managing ecommerce developments when there are complex dependencies, such as separate hosting, design and integrations providers, or the client team is less experienced.


These days, very few companies achieve online success with just a website - it's now an ecosystem across social, online advertising, email, websites and offline communication.

Recent work includes:

  • Social marketing for soft furnishings

  • Building online brand engagement in pet foods

  • Adwords & Shopping ads for outdoor goods

  • Paid social selling for a homewares retailer

Resonant doesn’t deliver its marketing projects like an agency – it’s a  consultancy that identifies where to go, how to get there and what is required. Delivery can be undertaken by Resonant or by in-house resources - it's your choice.


The most common cause of delays in getting ecommerce projects off the ground is not technical considerations, but the creation of high-quality photography and copy. Even experienced, large-scale online players find the content requirements of rebrands, range launches and website redevelopments difficult to deal with at times.

  • To overcome these problems, Resonant has its own studio and off-site equipment for small and medium-sized products, with access to larger spaces when required.

  • Copywriting is completed either in-house or by a professional author who, as a long-standing partner of the business, has provided copy for several larger clients.